Unique Easter Experience in Patmos

Ever visited Patmos during Easter?

It’s one of the not-to-be-missed experiences in Greece. Patmos is famous for its orthodox traditions and Easter is the right time to visit.

The experience starts on Palm Sunday, when palm tree creations are made in all churches. They have the shape of the cross, of an animal or of a fish.

You will see them fixed on every patmian doorstep throughout the year.

On Holy Thursday the ceremony of the Holy Washbowl is unique in Greece. It takes place in Chora, where the crowd sees a representation of the Last Supper. Make sure you arrive early enough in order to find a good ankle in the crowd.

During this ceremony, the Abbott of the Monastery washes the feet of all the monks and priests, as if he was Jesus Christ and the monks were his pupils.

On Good Friday, the Epitaph is sprinkled with rosewater from the women who bring the most beautiful flowers of their garden to embellish it.

Of course, the Resurrection in every Greek church is a unique experience for the tourists. Yet, on Easter Sunday the visitors can hear the Resurrection Gospel in 7 languages in the Monastery.

The classic easter traditions (the red eggs, the easter cookies, the tsoureki, the easter lamb) are all remarkable and the visitors will definitely see them while in Patmos.

“Don’t crack my egg!”

One of the most dramatic moments for me in Easter, is the procession of the icons of the monastery in every home. The icons are very old, they are truly invaluable and carry the heavy island’s history with them. The houses that welcome these secret relics are being blessed by the holy spirit. Believe it or not, it is so emotional that always brings me tears.

Thank you for reading! See you in Easter.


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