A Photoshooting Experience in Patmos!

During the first days of October we had a new photo shooting in Patmos Eye Villas. 

Our previous photo shooting has been realized in June 2015, just before we started renting the villas. The houses have changed dramatically during these last 3 years. New furnishings, new plants, new pool spas, new hammam, new amenities and some details that were not present in 2015. 

We waited long for this new photo shooting day. We even postponed the session many times, trying to find the houses available +with good weather conditions. 

Finally the day was here!

Our photographer, Christos Drazos, is one of the best hotel photographers. He took care of the styling and focused on the ambience. 

We were excited for this experience and I can’t wait until I publish the new photos. Right now, all I can do is a tour to our little 2-day session. 

So happy I took photo right from the ferry!

DAY I: The weapons on!

We started from inside…

I have a thing with pillows (see below)

Some photos from outside (in house models of course !)

DAY 2: Breakfast is served.

A full breakfast was set at the backyard. 

And then we went into the kitchen (my turn to play!)

Fredy was photographing me with 2 cameras.

Finally we ate the bread (with oil, oregano and salt YUMMY!!)

Fredy was using the telescope…

My face at the end of the second day (happiness!!)

And the photographer: 

Thank you Christos Drazos and Dimitris Chachlas for this creative experience. 

Stay here to see our new face soon!

Thank you for reading,


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