How to get to Patmos

From Piraeus to Patmos by Boat

The journey to Patmos from Piraeus takes approximately 7 hours, providing ample time to relax and soak in the beauty of the Aegean Sea. Boats depart 3-5 times a week from Piraeus, specifically from Gate E1, which serves the Dodecanese islands. You can travel with Blue Star Ferries (, ensuring a memorable journey.

From Athens Airport “El. Venizelos” by Plane

If you’re looking for the quickest way to reach Patmos, taking to the skies is the answer. Patmos can be conveniently accessed via connecting flights from Athens Airport “El. Venizelos,” with options to fly to Samos, Kos, Leros, or Kalymnos. From these gateway islands, Hellenic Seaways catamarans or Blue Star Ferries ferry-boats are readily available, with daily departures.

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How to get to Patmos

From Surrounding Islands (Kos, Leros, Samos) by High-Speed Boat

For travelers arriving from the neighboring islands of Kos, Leros, and Samos, high-speed boats offer a convenient and swift means of transportation to Patmos. Make sure to check with your travel agency for information about direct chartered flights to these islands to enhance your journey’s convenience.

VIP Helicopter services

Make your travelling easier by flying at the time of your convenience from the spot of your choice. There is nothing like the Aegean Sea from above in a safe and comfort aircraft. Ask for a private VIP Helicopter service and take full advantage of the proximity of Patmos to other exciting Greek islands!

Discover Your Sea Connections

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