From A to B

Here we are finally in our little paradise in Patmos!

Our first guests already left  and we have plenty of things to prepare for the next arrivals. 

Now, back in our business: our herbs were left in a dark room from Easter and now they are ready for the step B.

First the rosemary branches: the pointy leaves are removed and selected into a container…. All kids are helping in the process…

Then, the leaves are crushed with a pestle and then kelp in a clean metal tin.

Then it’s the oregano process (I wish I could describe you the aroma!!!!)

Same goes with spearmint, except from the crushing process: the spearmint leaves are kept uncrushed, for all winter diffusions (do you like drinking the aromatic spearmint?) 

Follow us to see how we will offer these little treasures to our guests this year!

Thanks for passing by,


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A true treasure trove