Decoration is a “Hands-On” process

When you decorate a traditional patmian house you have a lot to consider. 

You must have a beautiful house, respectful to the local tradition, with some fresh twists and (for me) you have to satisfy ALL your needs. Functionality is non-negotiable.

For the Patmos Eye villas many of our decoration projects have been made-to-order. Our beds, our sofas, our dinner tables.

In addition, we bought furniture from the flea market, in order to keep the “old-mansion” feeling and ambience.

But, not everything was bought. A great number of furniture was made by us.

Fredy, my husband, realized that he can do a lot with his own hands. He is not a carpenter, but I think we could be one (Fredy, please think about it!)

Let me show you his last piece, after we decided that we absolutely can’t find desk in the desired style + size:

STAGE 1: assembly

In this stage we only got some pieces of wood. Almost no tools (just the absolutely necessary) so everything required lot of effort.

STAGE 2: the drawers

A desk without drawers is useless. Where will I keep all my stationary?

No tools, but the drawers had to be made…

I call this picture: “drawers with a view!”

STAGE 3: sanding by hand!

It takes a lot of time and effort, because it was all made by hand. But the surface of a desk has to be smooth and polished…

Isn’t it great already?

STAGE 4: the paint

Multiple layers of paint. Then, sanding. Then, painting again. Then, sanding again and again, until it looks shiny!

After a couple of days, we can finally place it.

The metal handles we used are totally handmade. I think they look great on the drawers…

This desk is long and narrow, just as I wanted. Super for my laptop in one side and my sewing machine in the other side. 

So happy it’s ready!

Do you want to see more of our handmade projects?

Stay tuned.

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