Our Little Garden

During Easter we took a little time to take care of our garden.

The garden and the patios around the villas are small, but they are full of flowers and bushes. Plus, they produce many herbs: oregano, rosemary, thyme, lavender, spearmint. Early in the spring we manage to prune the herbs and make bunches. After they dry-out well, we cush the herbs and keep them in small glass pots. All our dishes during summer (or better all-over the year) are made with these tasteful herbs.

This is my our daughter Maria (10) who likes to mess-up with the plants. Next to her our beautiful bougainvillea (one of the most charactristic flowers of the greek aegean nature)

This bush in front of Patmos Eye 1 villa is lavender (well, there is also a small pomegranate tree in the middle, trying to grow-up!). We use to fill small fabric sachets with this lavender, to give freshness to our linens and towels.

This small gaze sachet is made by my granny.

My husband (Fredy) and Maria digging the soil, new plants are planted!

Fresh spearmint (I love to enjoy a cup of hot spearmint every afternoon during winters). The spearmint will grow now and we can dry the leaves in June.

Fresh oregano! Do you know how many traditional greek dishes are made with this herb?

The fresh rosemary smells soooo good, but but it’s more tasteful when dry.

The bunches are drying now, hunging on the old metal bed…

I promise to show you the glass vases when ready. I think in a couple of months!

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