Meet our first Silk Scarf Collection

This summer we decided to go beyond the norms & created a tiny collection of silk scarfs. Silk is natural, luxury and so pretty. A piece of silk can be versatile by decorating your hat, your neck, your wrist, your tote…. 

Why can’t you carry a little more of Patmos on you?

For the production, we contacted one of the most famous factories in Soufli. Soufli is a small community of 6.000 inhabitants at the north-east borders of Greece, which produces silk products from silkworms since 1860. Soufli is connected to silk and its products are famous not only in Greece but worldwide. 

Design is now my favorite part.

My first and most favorite one is the 90*90 scarf in brown-black and white, representing our beautiful floor tiles. These cotto tiles are handmade, hand-stamped and made one-by-one by local artisans. The are found in old patmian mansions and are soooo typical of patmian architecture. 


Second design is fresher.

Which are THE most typical colors of the greek islands? White and Blue. Patmos is no different, so blue and white are there. With a large pinch of fouchsia though, which is the color of our XL bougainvillea in the garden. The size of this scarf is 180*45, can be used for the hat, the neck, as a hair-band, you name it. So invigorating & “greek”, this scarf is unexpectedly beautiful.


Last one is my cutie.

A small handkerchief inspired by the colors of our villa. Center design is a doily, same as the ones I use for wall deco. Size is 27*27, can be used for wrist, as a tote embellishment. 


Currently, the limited production will be offered as a gift to you through our favorite travel influencers, but later, we may think about other ways to offer them to our friends.

Which one is your favorite?

Leave your comments and thank you for reading!


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A true treasure trove