Sand & Sea



Lovely beaches right on your doorstep

There’s a wealth of beautiful beaches to enjoy on the island of Patmos, all of which are easily accessible from our luxury villas in Skala.


Agios Ioannis Theologos Beach

This beach is in the gulf of the port of Patmos. It has fine sand, and beach bar cafeterias with sunbeds and chairs. You can get here from Patmos Eye Luxury Villas in no time and can enjoy the first dive of the day early in the morning!


Kambos Beach

5.5 kilometers from Skala you will find yourselves at the most cosmopolitan beach in Patmos, which is made up of sand and small pebble chippings. Kambos beach is the home of the famous George’s Place beach bar, offering cocktails, snacks, cold dishes and sweets that you will love. It’s one of the most popular spots in Patmos, so come early or make a reservation or you may not find an available sunbed easily in August. Water sports fans, any teenagers in your group, and anyone who loves crowds won’t leave this beach!


Agriolivadi Beach

Located just 4 kilometers from Skala, with lovely clear and shallow waters! Agriolivadi is an organized beach with a beach bar and a restaurant with delicious homemade food and many sunbeds. There’s a huge amount of water sports on offer for children that will have the whole family staying out until it gets dark. This will definitely be the kids’ favourite beach!


Meloi Beach

Meloi beach is just 500 meters away from Skala and is ideal for families. It has fine pebbles and offers natural shade under the tamarisks. The water is shallow and ideal for games! There is a restaurant at the beach with delicious homemade food and a cafeteria. There are no sunbeds.


Petra Beach

At the south of the island, at 5 kilometers from Skala you will find the most quiet beach of Patmos. With large pebbles and deep water, Petra beach is ideal for adults who want to enjoy some mystical peace and quiet. There is a beach bar here, and sunbeds. It is also where you’ll find the famous rock “Kallikatsou” overlooking the beach.


Sapsila Beach

Sapsila beach is located between Skala and Grikos, with fine pebbles and clear water. It is not an organized beach. The water is warmer here.


Grikos Beach

Grikos beach is home to an organized beach belonging to a hotel, where you can enjoy a drink and a snack.


Livadi Geranou Beach

At the northern part of Patmos, 6 kilometers from Skala you will find the most crystal-clear water of the Aegean at the Livadi Geranou pebble beach. The beach is not organized, but it is quite popular. The water is not shallow but it is very clear – and freezing! You can easily swim to the island of Saint George which lies opposite.


Lambi Beach

At the north of the island, at 7 kilometers from Skala you will find the famous Lambi beach, which was named after its dark red stones that shine like the sun. This beach is ideal for families although the water is not very shallow. Before you visit this beach, make sure that the wind isn’t blowing north, as otherwise the water will be quite rough. Lambi beach is worth visiting for its food alone. After your swim, you can visit the fish taverna that is famous for its fresh fish. Lambi beach is organized and it has a beach bar.


Psili Ammos Beach

You will be tired by the time you get here but the beach with its fine golden sand will reward you with its beauty! The walk to Psili Ammos Beach takes about 30 minutes, or you can come on the small boat from the port of Skala. There is a taverna at the beach too.