We are back and committed to offer you Safety and Relaxation: our COVID-19 update


We are ready to open again.

Your safety and well-being are our top priority.

We fully comply with the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the National Public Health Organization (EODY) on COVID-19.

The House Environment

Our villas are private properties. There are no shared spaces, so our guests can relax and feel like home.  

Some of the house decorative items have been removed for hygiene reasons.

All existing items are properly disinfected and sterilized for your safety.  

Our Commitments

We follow high standards of disinfection and sterilization:

  • Before every check-in all surfaces (pillows, mattresses, high-touch items, decorative items and kitchen utensil/appliances) are disinfected with a powerful Steam Cleaner. Our professional Steam Cleaners guarantee total disinfection without using harmful chemicals.


  • Before every check-in, a UVC-light Sterilizer & Air Purifier is used in all interior spaces, to guarantee complete sterilization. This technology has been widely used for the sterilization of hospitals and chemical laboratories for decades.

Both procedures are a guarantee for COVID-free areas for our guests.

  • For our Pool Spa we use the latest Salt Water Electrolysis which kills all living viruses. The water is filtered 15 times per hour. Water Acidity and Alkalinity are checked daily, to maintain high levels of hygiene with minimum use of chlorine.
  • Our Hammam facility is steam-sanitized.


As we are a small unit, we have e very limited number of personnel.

Only one person is responsible for housekeeping throughout a stay. No third persons are allowed to enter the property, in order to minimize contacts.

Our housekeeping is appropriately informed and trained. We closely monitor every stage and we personally guarantee the high standards of cleaning processes. All protocols are respected and followed.

The frequency of the services offered can be limited, upon request, so we are ready to adapt to your wishes.

Breakfast is prepared in a controlled environment and served with compliance to all hygiene rules. Breakfast can be removed from our services, upon request.

Transportation from/to the Port

We apologize for not being able to transfer all our guests in our private car. Complying with the regulations, we are not allowed to have more than 2 persons in a small vehicle.

Check-in & Check-out 

The new regulations and procedures are more time consuming. That is why check-in and check-out times have changed.

Check-in takes place after 15:00 and check-out takes place at 11:00.

This new reality is required for complete sterilization and adequate ventilation of the spaces.

COVID Cancellation Policy

Season 2020 is special for all. Our Cancellation policy has changed.

If a reservation cannot be realized, it is fully refunded or rescheduled for summer 2021.    

Feel Safe

Patmos is a small island which had ZERO COVID-19 incidents throughout the lockdown season. Local authorities are prepared and ready to handle any suspected virus outbreak. The Greek government is fully prepared and a strict protocol is set.

So, relax and feel safe!  You are in good hands.

Thank you for reading, 

Always at your disposal for any inquiries


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