KALIMERA every day: Breakfast is included!

This year we finally added the most important amenity to our Villas: Breakfast

Yes, it’s the most important meal of the day, but besides this, breakfast has a major importance during holidays. From my experience, a good breakfast can make your day! It can seriously upgrade your holidays, it can fix any (possible) deficiencies, do you agree?

So, I planned the Breakfast Project exactly as I would like it to be served for my family: beautiful tableware, fresh homemade products, local tastes and little surprises every day. Who likes the same routine every day?  

The tableware was chosen from my favorite brand (Pip Studio).

A nice setting is created every morning, with romantic textiles and cute florals

We make our fresh bread every morning and we combine it with bread and crisps from the local bakery.

Fresh filter coffee (bio) and fresh orange juice is a must! (we have wonderful oranges from Samos every day)

Our homemade marmalades with pure Greek honey, Greek strained yogurt and fresh fruits are served in selected tableware. 

Single portion cereals, special cereals for the children, Nutella (of course) and homemade waffles with maple syrup (yummy!!)

A small selection of ham and cheese (different every day) and milk.

A special surprise (a cake, a brownie or a Greek pastry is prepared every day – this is our little surprise).

As I want everyone to be happy, we take care special needs… (gluten free for instance)

For tea lovers, we have chosen a nice selection of teas…. and herb infusions from our garden.

Finally a smile from my daughter Maria (she likes to help some days) is always a good idea!

What else would you like to have for breakfast?


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