In Breakfast we believe! A homemade plum paradise…

It was a thought from summer 2017 but we decided to finally launch it in 2018.

Although our kitchens are fully equipped, we try to make it as simple as we can for our guests. And we strongly believe that the essence of Holidays is this: relax as much as you can and enjoy all the services you can get!

So, our dear guests, we are now planning our breakfasts baskets for the upcoming season. You will have a Breakfast Basket served in your villa, at the time of your convenience*

We will be showing more about this yummy (and stylish) breakfast in this blog, but I couldn’t help myself from showing you my first super delicious marmalades, homemade at the best moment of the season’s fruits.

First, I chose the best quality of fresh, ripened plums. 

Removed the kernels, chopped them into tiny pieces and added the required amount of sugar.

I didn’t add anything but fruit and sugar. 

The plums have a natural aroma that don’t require any additives….

After a few hours the marmalade was almost ready!

Then, carefully cleaned (and sterilized!) my little jars, filled them with the plum marmalade and kept them in my cupboards.

Stay tuned to see more of my Breakfast preparations. 

Thanks for reading,



*breakfast will be offered from 20/06/2018

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