Dear Santa

Every December, same story. 

Dozens of Christmas cards, envelops, cords and little gifts everywhere, in a way that desk looks like Santa’s. I insist on handwriting my wishes for the New Year and on sending a little gift along with the cards. 

What is more romantic, old-fashioned and cute than sending a Christmas card?

This year I decided to spread wishes for good luck, so we used the Pomegranate as the symbol of good luck.  

As the golden card describes…

…”from ancient Greece till now, pomegranate means Flow and Power, Prosperity and Fertility, a symbol of Good Luck and Abundance. Every home in Greece has a fresh pomegranate to break when new year comes, to have a blessed year”

The golden card is accompanied by a cute card with a handmade charm.

These original charms are very common in Greece around Christmas as we like to wear objects with “magic powers”….. this magic power is LUCK for the new year. The copper charms we created imitate our logo. The procedure was long but a loved every step (some of them are below):

The end result is already travelling to meet our guests, friends, travel agents and partners. 

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A true treasure trove